Whitney Peak Hotel

group fitness classes

Enjoy a variety of classes designed for all levels of fitness!


Wednesday 7:00-8:00a | Thursday 7:00-8:00p | Saturday 9:00-10:00a |
Instructor: Helen M

A well-balanced practice open to all levels, this class links breath and movement energizing the body and mind. Utilizing sun salutations as well as standing and seated postures, we will gradually build internal heat allowing for the strengthening and lengthening of muscles. Modifications and variations will be offered as needed.


Monday's & Wednesday's  7:15-8:15p
Instructor: Stephen B.

Stoke your Agni (internal fire) and stimulate the flow of prana throughout your body with Power Yoga! We’ll begin with a brief meditation to dissolve the monkey-mind, and find focus. From there we’ll practice yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) to synchronize the body, breath, and mind. Then we’ll move through several rounds of vigorous vinyasa with longer holds, strength-building postures, and transitions.

The class will finish up with balance poses offering several challenging variations.



Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-7:30a
Instructor: Morgan Rubenacker

This 60-minute class is flow centered around natural, feel-good movement with the focus on alignment and the breath. By moving mindfully and creating space in the body, we will find release and relaxation. All-levels class.



Tuesday's at 6:30-7:30p | Friday at 10:00-11:00a
Instructor: Tyler Murch

A vigorous yoga class designed to energize and calm. It will challenge all levels and abilities with modifications provided throughout the class. Develop balance while coupling strength and flexibility. Systematically approaching your shoulder mobility will take your climbing game to the next level, making this class especially good for climbers.






Children's Classes (Ages 2 - 10)

Looking to introduce your children to the wonderful world of climbing and yoga? BaseCamp at the Whitney Peak Hotel is proud to partner with Peanut Butter & Jellyfish, a children’s athletic based skill development program. For more information about the program and scheduling please check out the link below!

See the PB&J website!

Yoga for Functional Flexibility

Sunday's at 5:00p
Instructor: Rachel

Join Rachel for a centering and limbering (or strengthening) practice. Align your body and spirit to illuminate the radiant being you are. Strengthening from the inside out, by starting with your breath. During the practice you’ll find a way to open through a conscious balance of effort and ease that when taken off the mat will transpire into a conscious and peaceful life.