Whitney Peak Hotel

climbing classes

New to climbing? Looking to improve your technique? Always wanted to learn how to belay?

No matter the experience level, our dedicated staff of climbers has the knowledge to help you take the next step in your abilities!

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Our beginner class is a great way to get started climbing in the facility.  In this class, you will learn the basics of climbing, movement, and technique. Additionally, the class teaches route reading, footwork, proper falling techniques and gym etiquette.


Our top rope class is the first step to getting up our outdoor walls.  In this class, you will learn how to tie a figure-8-knot, manage the rope, top rope belaying with a Grigri, catching a fall, lowering a climber as well as all of the verbal commands and partner checks.



Our technique class builds on the fundamentals of basic climbing and movement to get you to the next level! In this class, you will learn how to implement the footwork and body positioning learned at the basic level while adding to your movement repertoire. This is where the fun really starts!



Our Individual Lesson is a more personal, one on one class where you can work with our instructors to focus on whatever the things you would like to improve upon.  Don’t know what you need to improve upon? No problem! Our instructors will work with you to discover and improve upon your climbing and help you break through that plateau into the next level!



Our lead climbing class is the next step up in technical rope climbing skills.  In this class, you will learn rope management skillslead climbing technique, lead belaying techniques, proper clipping procedures, catching lead falls and avoiding the risks associated with lead climbing.

Participants must be top rope certified at BaseCamp and able to comfortably climb a 5.9


Our Multi-Pitch class is the next step up from lead climbing and will teach you the skills necessary to tackle our multi-pitch wall.  In this class, you will learn multi-pitch procedures, anchor management, rope management, how to rappel, appropriate knot usage and top belay procedures.

Must be lead certified at BaseCamp and able to comfortably lead climb  5.9